Mid-September update 2022

Table of Contents

Business Wise

I’m currently working with a big, very well known company for their custom internal e-store. It’s been, so far, my biggest driver of revenue and not something I foresaw coming to be honest but it’s really cool. These companies are using WooCommerce (and Woogo Stores!) to create an portal for their sales representatives.

The reps log in the system and do “online shopping” to send materials needed by their customers – usually retailers. I’ve received very good feedback so far on the platform. It’s always much easier than whatever internal tooling they had used previously. It allows management to keep track of what’s being ordered for which customers, get reporting easily, and manage costs in case of promotional items (e.g. swag).

The only down side with this approach, if we can call that a downside is that it’s much more hands-on for me and it doesn’t scale very well. That’s why I keep working on the “self serve” option using Carl‘s Ymir.

Technology Wise

Speaking of Ymir, there’s progress with the platform i’m building with Laravel. It’s way more involving than I original thought (like usual), the edge cases are seemingly infinite! every time I cover one I can think of 10 new ones. Feels like shovelling forward sometimes if I’m honest. However, everyday, brick by brick, progress is made. I’m getting close to get the full deployment process complete. It’s actually working it just needs a couple of polishing passes!

I’m really hoping toward the end of the week I’ll be able to release something, at least in a beta form.

Let’s keep at it!