Woogo Stores is growing … and blogging took a hit

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Hi there!

This is a more personal update. I feel like I want to start journaling (if only for myself) the adventure of building Woogo Stores.

What happened?

I finished my 2nd fiscal year as a bootstrapped company. I’m happy to report that revenue grew substantially during the last year. I’ve been able to pay myself 15000$ which is absolutely awesome in my books! We’ve been able to go through a full year with my wife on maternity leave and we have dipped into our savings other than the “current runway”. It’s pretty awesome, I guess COVID made us more frugal than before!

What’s new?

The next step for Woogo Stores is a self-serve, automatic e-store deployment for customers.

I’ll be changing the philosophy of the company as the “concierge” approach doesn’t scale for smaller accounts – as expected one might say! So I need to free up time to cater to the bigger customers that require custom work, which I do myself at this point.

The new app should be live within the month of September, hopefully and it comes with an exciting low price for hobby projects or small stores that are just starting up! The app is built with Laravel, which I hadn’t used in a very long time (since version 4!!!) and I must say it’s been a joy to learn and code in.

This is the general update for Woogo Stores, I’ll be back in two weeks with more!