Woogo Stores SaaS Launched!

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Woogo Stores finally launched its SaaS component!

I made a thread here on twitter:

It’s a self-serve, low cost solution for business owner looking to get started on an open source e-store. Instead of being locked in the Shopify or Wix ecosystem, we believe open source is the future and we’re providing a turn key e-store for business owners who are looking at building a business rather than getting frustrated with plugin selection.

All plans include Elementor Pro, which is the best site builder out there. WooCommerce is of course included in all installations. The stores are automatically updated, backups are taken automatically and the security inherent to serverless wordpress.

A demo store is available here!

What are the next steps?

There is a lot more I want to implement in the next couple of weeks.

  • The Professional plan and upgrade path between the 2. It’s possible right now, but manually.
  • Ability to self-serve backups. I want the least friction possible for people to get a complete backup of their store as possible.
  • A better way to validate the domains
  • Help videos for onboarding – and probably just a better onboarding experience than woocommerce out of the box.
  • Open Startup Stats.

I’m very excited with what’s coming!