Woogo Stores is a proud member of Stripe Climate

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It’s no secret that climate change is the biggest challenge of our lives and future generations to come. While reforestation is definitely a must, carbon removal is one tool that can be very efficient, using renewable energy to vacuum out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the problem with those technologies is that they are far from being mainstream and require massive investment to create economies of scale, like solar panels benefited from:

Source:    Bloomberg New Energy Finance and pv.energytrend.com

Solar cells saw their price drop by 99.5% over 40 decades. This is why we need massive investments now to reach the same effect in carbon removal technologies.

Climate change is an important topic for me. Therefore, it was an easy decision to contribute 1% of all Woogo Stores revenues to Stripe Climate. I’m hoping that our customers’ business will help move the needle, just a little.

I encourage everyone to have a look at Stripe Climate to see if it’s a program they’d like to support with their own business!