5 best ways to choose the right Woocommerce plugin for your online store (3)

Woocommerce is an open-source platform that has extensions or plugins to improve your e-commerce store. However, not every plugin might be the right fit for your business. Here are a few ways to identify the right plugins for your online store.

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Last time, we looked at how to maintain an e-commerce store. In this blog post, we’ll talk about choosing the right plugins for your business.

Every business, at some point, has considered integrating Woocommerce into WordPress. In fact, 68,000 of the top million sites use Woocommerce. In a short while, WordPress worked its way upwards to own 61% of the market share, followed by Woocommerce with 23% market share.

Woocommerce plugins offer support in improving your site performance. With over 980 WooCommerce plugins to choose from, there might be difficulties selecting the best for your business needs. Hence, we’ve put together the best plugins for your online store and how to choose them.


How to select the right plugin for your online store?

Woocommerce is an open-source platform that has extensions or plugins to improve your e-commerce store. However, not every plugin might be the right fit for your business. Here are a few ways to identify the right plugins for your online store.


Look at the features

Before sorting through the endless list of plugins, make a comprehensive list of features you need for your business. Below are a few prominent features that will guide your business in the right direction.

  • Built-in payment processing 
  • Geo-location support
  • One-click refunds
  • Inventory management
  • Reporting

Apart from this, Woocommerce plugins let you operate between international payments and multilingual content. It adds an advantageous layer to the business, making it easier to manage operations from a single platform.


Customization Options

While Woocommerce is highly scalable and customizable, it’s safe to check if the plugin is effective in customizing your store. Certain plugins like Woocommerce invoice and packing slip provides easy customization of order documents. It helps the users and the store owner by speeding up the process. With highly flexible options, customization is a powerful feature that you need to watch out for in the plugins you use. 


Check for reliability

Whether you rely on a web solutions company or an individual programmer, a few questions to ask yourself before you get started.

  •  Is the plugin vendor reliable?

A lot of companies offer Woocommerce solutions, but how do you know if your vendor is reliable? The only way is to know if they have enough experience in this service. A company that has helped businesses like yours is likely to do better with you.

  • Are the extensions regularly maintained? 

Some extensions or plugins don’t need regular updating. However, check for the latest updates of the plugins you wish to download. Additionally, check if the plugin updates are compatible with WordPress. 

  • Are there good reviews about the plugin?

Most of the time, server or coding issues are the reasons why extensions don’t work. Generally, updates have a mixture of good and bad reviews, depending on the need of the user. However, if there are too many negative reviews for the same issue, it could be a red flag. It wouldn’t hurt to check them before downloading.


Review security

Woocommerce is backed by Sucuri, a standardized plugin security. Nevertheless, it helps to go over the security updates of the plugins. In some cases, your store could be prone to malicious attacks. And to avoid losing your store settings completely, back them up with plugins like Jetpack. It would be wise to choose a plugin that aligns with your values. In the end, safeguarding customers’ information is a priority. 


Make sure there’s easy integration

When considering plugins for your business, keep in mind the integration process. A few plugins like Wooclick Vendor seamlessly integrate with Woocommerce. The platform is extendable and easy to integrate with virtual services. Look for similar plugins that integrate well with your online store.


Which Woocommerce plugins does your online store need?

The nature of your business is an important aspect to consider before choosing the plugins. Below are a few of the plugins that businesses like yours have used in the past and found success.

WooCommerce invoice and packing slip

The invoice and packing slip plugin is an easy-to-customize tool that allows your customers to view all the information under one tab. The inclusion of shipping orders and policy information is a transparent process that benefits the business and the customers. This plugin offers:

  • Flexible invoice format
  • Packing and pick lists
  • Quick single and bulk order actions
  • Customization of document appearance and more.


WooCommerce smart coupons

No buyer has ever said ‘no’ to a coupon. The smart coupon plugin is everything you need to keep your customers coming back to your online store. More than 15,000 customers rely on the plugin to run their business. You get it included for free with a monthly plan on Woogostores, this plugin offers a wide range of features from store credit to gift coupons and more.


Wp Astra Pro

The Atra pro is a must-have to create and maintain a stunning site. With exclusive features like site layouts, blog layouts, and more, the plugin gives you complete control over the look of your online store. Not only does it provide excellent options for customization, but provides high converting integration.


Elementor pro

With human-powered support, this plugin offers a premium feel for your online store. It powers control over the full website from one place. Apart from that, it lets you personalize landing pages for your customers. In short, the plugin does everything that is visually appealing and helps turn leads into customers.



With absolutely no coding, the WP-rocket plugin enables high-speed site and conversions. It’s considered the best caching plugin for its ease of use and SEO ranking abilities. Website speed is a crucial element in the success of your online store. That’s why it’s important to integrate this highly supported plugin into your e-commerce business.


In doubt? we’re here to assist your needs.

If you’re confused about choosing the right plugin for your online store, we can be of help. At Woogostores, we not only handle everything for you but provide concierge support whenever you need it. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you choose the right plugin and scale your e-commerce business.


Final Thoughts

Sometimes the more you research, the more entangled your ideas become. But, finding the best plugins based on your business needs is the first step to success. Follow the blog post or speak with an expert to know the right fit for your online store. After all, running a business doesn’t come easy. That’s why we are here to support you every step of the way.


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