Why is it important to whitelist emails?

Email providers don’t want you to get spam, and we thank them for it! As creators, we don’t want to send emails to people that didn’t subscribe either. It’s not helpful to them, and it’s not helpful to us! That’s why we always ask for an opt-in before sending anything.

However, Gmail, Outlook they don’t know that you opted-in and they might be a bit too eager to block our emails. To make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure to whitelist us (or anyone you want to receive email from!) following the steps below:


Email Whitelisting Instructions | Workamper News

Select an email in the Promotion tab, and move it to the Primary tab. That’s it!


Login Outlook and in the top right corner, click the Cog:

Then click ” View all Outlook Settings”

Select “Junk Email”, and in the “Safe senders and domains” section, add “woogostores.com”

You’re all set!