The Marketing Starter Pack – It’s about the process

The Marketing Starter Pack will guide you by creating processes that are essential for all businesses to put in place

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The Marketing Starter Pack will guide you by creating processes that are essential for all businesses to put in place. You’d think everybody is doing all the basics properly, but a surprising amount of businesses aren’t and are too focused on branding!

#1 Make sure your message is crystal clear

This has to be the hardest, and it will take many iterations. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from people around you, on the street, and on social media. They need to know in less than half a second if what you’re offering can solve a problem they are having.

The brain is extremely resilient to all sorts of stimuli – which is a great characteristic that allowed us to get this far as a species. However, it’s bad news for you because it also means prospects will NOT intellectually respond to your messaging if it’s not clear. You will just appear as noise.

Asking a question is a great way to get the attention of your market as humans are curious by nature. A question will almost automatically trigger a thought. If you have a pertinent message you might capture their attention and make them worth burning their cerebral calories on your offering.

It’s extremely hard for business owners to be clear in their offering because, for them, they are completely engaged with it. They are sleeping thinking about it, breathing it, and almost anything will seem clear to them. Don’t fall into this trap.

Be. Clear.

#2 Use Referral Bonuses

Your best acquisition tool will be word of mouth. Nothing brings warmer leads than a friend of your customer coming to get the same thing his friend bought from you. To encourage it, even more, use a “Give X, Receive X” strategy. For example, “Give 10$ off, receive 10$ off your next purchase”.

This will tremendously encourage people to share their experiences with their circle. Keep in mind, it only works if customers are actually satisfied with the service and the product, but it will be an extremely beneficial program to you if your customers are happy.

#3 Send customer Emails

After a Twitter discussion about it with Corry Miller (@corymiller303) and Lindsey Miller (@LindseyMillerWP), it’s obvious that a LOT of business owners are simply not leveraging emails properly. In fact, it was his comment that gave me the idea for this marketing starter pack. There are a ton of easy funnels to put in place. For example:

  • Cart abandonment – someone was about to check out but didn’t? Remind them what’s in their cart, give an incitative for them to finish, etc.
  • Inactive customer – Customer was active but dropped off the radar? Have a funnel for them.
  • Special Promotions – You’re running a special promotion? Let them know!
  • Ask for review – 3 weeks after they bought the item, ask them for a review!
  • Remind them about Referral Bonuses – Customer left a 5 stars review? The perfect moment to remind them about your referral bonus offer.

I think you get the idea! Make sure not to constantly bombard your customers, though – the frequency will depend on your type of services and customer. But touch points are important, don’t forget about them.

#4 Advertise on Social Media

Most businesses will benefit from social media advertising. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend millions to get efficient returns. Even a small budget of 10$ per day on Facebook/Instagram can yield good results for B2C. B2B business can consider LinkedIn or Google Ads.

It’s all about ROI and how much your customer is worth VS how much you spend on the platform – which is most definitely a topic on its own!

#5 Easy Checkout

This one might be a bit more of UX, but in my book, UX is marketing.

Don’t get in the way of your customers giving you your money. This one seems obvious but apparently not enough! Don’t force your customers to sign in to checkout. Don’t force them to create an account. And make sure they can pay as easily as possible (Via Google Pay or Apple Pay)

The easiest it is for your customer to get to enter their credit card, the better.

The marketing starter pack cheatsheet

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This is the marketing starter pack. 5 proven strategies that are the basis of successful businesses.

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