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Fully Managed E-Stores for Busy Business Owners.

Everything you need to grow the successful e-store you envisioned.

You shouldn’t need a master’s degree in IT to own your e-Store.

Are you tired of losing so much time managing an e-store? Do you find it too complicated, too hard with too many options? Do you feel like you need a master’s degree in IT to manage your store efficiently? Do you feel trapped between owning your store at great cost and being a prisoner of a platform you don’t control?

We understand how hard it is for non-technical business owners to run their e-store. It’s time consuming, confusing and frustrating.

We’ll guide you in the creation of a fully managed e-store that sells and belongs to you.

50+ Premium SEO Optimized Themes

Powered by Astra, you can choose a theme from a collection of 50+. All those themes have been highly optimized for speed and SEO. And you can customize it all. Check them out here!

$2000+ worth of Premium Plugins

Feel empowered by the best tools at your disposal to create an e-store that fits what you need. We’re here to take care of the technicalities of your fully managed e-store while you reclaim your time and focus on what matters: your business.

How does it work?

  1. Start by selecting a premium template – don’t worry, you can change your mind after.
  2. Fill up the setup wizard we created. It will create your store to your specification.
  3. Log in to your new e-store and start adding products.
  4. Enjoy your online e-store while we worry about the rest.

It’s Easy

Create your store in minutes. Thanks to our selection of plugins, you will have a professional-looking store in minutes. We’re here to make your life easy.

Ultra Fast, Ultra optimized

We’re working with the best in the business to offer you and your customers a fast, smooth and reliable shopping experience.

Support You Can Count On

Whenever you have a question about your store, WooCommerce or WordPress, we’ll be happy to help! Drop us a line at support@woogostores.com

Fully Managed

We take care of all the technicalities, like upgrades, backups and security fixes. Let us worry about your store while you grow your business.

You already have a WooCommerce or Shopify site?

No problem. All plans come included with a concierge migration service. Personalized migration for a worry-free transfer to Woogo Stores!

We are here to guide you through the journey of building an e-store.

  • Design and copywriting to make a store that sells
  • Setting up the products that you need
  • Setting up your payment provider
  • Setting up your shipping solution
  • Automating workflows (Plan Store and up)
  • Lead generation and Marketing Funnels
  • SEO and Sitemaps
  • Need a bigger job? Contact us so we can have a chat!

We can help you with that. We’re running WooCommerce, the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, which allows for complete modification. Either through your own developers or us, you can build up on the platform as much as you want. Don’t settle and get exactly what you need.

No Lock-in. Your Data, Your Store.

Unlike other managed e-store solutions locking you in, you can leave us anytime, no questions asked. You’ll get a full copy of your e-store if you wish to host it somewhere else. It’s that simple.

We believe in a free and open internet, that’s why everything we use is licensed under GPL and allows you to grab your copy and run it yourself.


I’ve known Patrick, the founder of Woogo Stores, for years. His expertise in WooCommerce and E-Commerce is unmatched. As a business owner, I can vouch that he’ll help your e-store reach its full potential.

Carl Alexander
WordCamp Speaker, Author of “Discover object-oriented programming using WordPress” – carlalexander.ca
Founder of Ymir App

I have known Patrick Leblanc for the better part of 10 years now. I was introduced to him when he was a senior programmer at a large software company. A few years later Patrick was hired by my company as Director of Technology and later was promoted to Vice President before starting his company, Woogo Stores.
Patrick is a very serious, smart, and competent man. He is excellent at his craft and has an intelligent business mind. He will no doubt be successful as his company grows because he has the right mindset; that of going the extra mile and beyond for his clients.
My word of advice for any of his new clients that are in need of a turn-key solution for their e-commerce sales; put your trust in Patrick – you will indeed be pleased with your own successes.

Howard Kruger
President – FlagShip

You will be in great hands with Woogo Stores! Professional, great quality, and reliable! You can trust Patrick, the founder, to bring success to your online business. I’ve known Patrick for more than 10 years, and his integrity and work ethics are second to none. You’re making a fantastic decision!

David Ferland
Software Development Manager at Centris

Woogo is the perfect solution for a business looking to grow and become more effective with its clientele. I have worked with Patrick, the founder, for many years and am always satisfied with his solutions. My sales have increased substantially, and now I can focus on the operational side and R&D.

Aymeric Mignot
Director Of Business Development at Studio Réverbère

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