We have absolutely no doubt that your developers are going to love…err…Developer Mode! And here’s why. We give you complete control over your store. Your store, your data. We offer an already curated WooCommerce experience, Always! But one of WooCommere’s best features is that you can have it tailor-made. And we are here to help you make good use of it. We want to give you the best premium WooCommerce experience and this is where Woogo’s developer mode comes in the picture.

What is Developer Mode?

For the “Store Plan” and up, adding, changing, and reverting plugins and themes could not be easier. Indeed, we help you do this with the most widely used version control system in the industry, Git. It allows you to pick and choose specific versions and have total ownership of your store.

Suppose a plugin (or a theme) you were using gets updated and you don’t like a change or worse, it’s buggy. With Woogo Stores, you can revert to the old version of that plugin without a sweat! That’s impossible in a normal WordPress installation.

What’s the secret sauce?

Glad you ask! We’re all friends here, there are no secrets! In fact, your developers will just fall in love with us when you tell them we are using Composer. “Composer?!” they will exclaim, “Impossible with WooCommerce, you must have misheard” you will hear back. It was true a few years ago. Now, thanks to an open-source software called Bedrock, it’s not so. We leverage it to install WordPress, WooComerce with all its plugins. All changes should be made with composer-ready plugins. It’s child’s play, it’s developer mode.
Your WooCommerce custom plugins and/or themes can be hosted on any git repository. Indeed, be it GitHub, GitLab or even a private one we support them. So long as you can pull from it using git, we are good to go. Simply add or remove plugins from the file and publish the changes, your site will get automatically updated. That’s it! You will find all of WordPress.org’s plugins directory on wpackagist. Of course, you can add these as well.

A word of caution however: Woogo Stores prides itself to offer our customers a curated WooCommerce experience, with a careful selection of plugins that are of the highest quality. Should you need any plugin in particular, check with us first, to see if it’s a high quality plugin or not. Sometimes, less is more!

We’re always here for you.

In short, Woogo Stores is the answer to all your e-store needs. Register with us now to have a performant e-store up and running in a few hours. If you have any questions regarding Developer Mode, we would be happy to answer.