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We provide a premium concierge experience for business owners looking to build an e-store without the hassle of doing it themselves.

FlagShip Makes It Simple. So Do We.

The perfect solution if you don't like wasting time with a DIY e-store.

If you’ve ever run an e-store, you know how much work goes into building and maintaining it. It’s hugely time-consuming, and there is a lot of expertise needed to make it right.

Woogo Stores offers a turnkey solution of a hyper optimized store built specifically for your company, completely integrated with FlagShip.

You get real-time shipping rates, labels, and even access to your FlagShip account straight from your e-store!

How Can Woogo Stores Help?

What the founder of FlagShip says about Woogo Stores?

I have known Patrick Leblanc, founder of Woogo Stores for the better part of 10 years now. I was introduced to him when he was a senior programmer at a large software company. A few years later Patrick was hired by my company as Director of Technology and later was promoted to Vice President before starting his company, Woogo Stores.

Patrick is a very serious, smart, and competent man. He is excellent at his craft and has an intelligent business mind. He will no doubt be successful as his company grows because he has the right mindset; that of going the extra mile and beyond for his clients.

My word of advice for any of his new clients that are in need of a turn-key solution for their e-commerce sales; put your trust in Patrick – you will indeed be pleased with your own successes

Howard Kruger

FlagShip CEO

We create fully optimized e-stores that sell.

You know best your customers and products. Focus on your strength. We'll focus on ours: building you a great e-commerce website.

Grow your store to the success you envisioned

You know the growth of your business in this day and age will come through e-commerce. If you’ve already had an e-store, you know it’s full landmines – it’s complicated, there are lots of moving parts, and it can feel a little bit overwhelming at times. Woogo Stores and FlagShip are here to take a load off your shoulder and help you with a clear path in your journey of growing the e-store you envisioned.

Why Choose Woogo Stores to Build your E-Store?​