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Service Level Agreement

This SLA applies to customers of the Enterprise Plan exclusively. 


All defined terms in this agreement shall have the meaning set out in the Terms and Conditions, unless specified otherwise. 


The period the Service is accessible for the User. In the event the Service is not accessible for the User as a result of circumstances on the User’s side (e.g. no internet connection, failing Client’s hardware, failure to install updates) or as a result of lack of availability of systems and services not operated by Woogo Stores, such period will be considered a period of Uptime; 


An event whereby the Service is completely unreachable as notified to Woogo Stores Inc. by the client. 

Emergency Maintenance 

The maintenance in the event of any Incidents or lack of Uptime due to denial of service attacks, network floods and hacking, events that cannot be prevented by reasonable security measures taken by Woogo Stores Inc. In these circumstances, Woogo Stores Inc. will use commercially reasonable endeavors to resolve any issues caused by such an event; 

Scheduled Maintenance 

The planned and/or scheduled and/or preventative maintenance and/or change and/or enhancement in the functionality of the Service and/or the delivery of new features and functionalities, or amended features. 

Service Availability 

Woogo Stores Inc. will take commercially reasonable measures in terms of redundancy, monitoring and platform management to provide Uptime of the Service. 

The Uptime shall be 99.99% outside of the Scheduled Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance periods. 

Uptime is calculated per calendar month. As follows 

  • The Uptime hours in a calendar month are all hours in that month less the hours there is no Uptime and less the hours of Scheduled Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance. In formula: Uptime hours = all hours – hours of Scheduled Maintenance – hours of Emergency Maintenance – other downtime hours. 
  • The Uptime percentage in a calendar month are the Uptime hours in such month divided by: all hours in such month less the period of Scheduled Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance of that month, times 100%. In formula: Uptime / (all hours – Scheduled maintenance – Emergency Maintenance)*100%. 

Service Credits 

if our uptime drops below 99.99%, we will provide an automatic credit under our SLA to our Enterprise Plan customers on their next billing cycle. For any given day where an incident exceeds 5 minutes, we’ll credit your account 10x for a full hour that is equal to the hourly rate you pay us for use of Woogo Stores. 


Support is accessible as follows: 

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