Retailer Plan - Woogo Stores

Retailer Plan

From: US$449.00 / month

  • Supports ~35 concurrent shoppers
  • Real-Time Shipping Rates
  • Support for Digital or Physical goods, Memberships, Subscriptions
  • Reliable E-Mail Delivery
  • Daily Backup
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Payment Gateway Ready with SSL Certificates
  • Test Environment
  • Developer mode
  • Point-in-time Data recovery
  • Access to all the Woogo Stores Plugins Library
  • Premium CDN
  • FlagShip’s Discounted Courier Rates (Canada Only)
  • WoogoLock Security System
  • Our Concierge Support
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee, or 100% refund
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The Retailer plan is for a busy business, or you know you want the best right away. We’re taking extra steps to make sure your store is highly available. We include a top of the line CDN as well as Point-In-Time recovery. What is that, you ask? It’s a backup system that allows you to restore your store to exactly as it was at a precise time – to the second. It’s the kind of system you never want to use it, but if you need to use it, you’re happy it’s there! Look – sometimes, mistakes happen. Being able to go back precisely before it happened is a huge benefit.

The CDN allows all your static web assets to be distributed across the world. As a result, your customers browse your store faster.

The Retailer Plan also includes Developer Mode, a Staging Environment, and full access to the Woogo Store Plugin Library. We don’t have a plugin? No worries, ask us what you need, and we’ll get it for you.

Our promise with our Concierge Support is that you’ll never have to worry about your e-store. We’re taking care of it for you, so you don’t have to. Concentrate on your business while we have your e-store’s back.

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