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A Premium WooCommerce experience for your managed e-store

Woogo Stores is a customizable WooCommerce hosting company dedicated to providing first-rate managed support, integrations and hosting services. Make your way to a premium WooCommerce experience and concierge e-store services. Let us do what we’re good at so you can do what you’re best at: Building your business.

What makes us special?

We understand that time and business is valuable to you, and we strive to bridge the gap. Our solutions are tailor-made for your specific needs. We believe Woocommerce can change how businesses operate; therefore, we curate the Plugins, API integrations, whatever your business needs to thrive.

Your E-store, completely managed

Curated WooCommerce

Worry no more about operating your E-store. We build your store with the best plugins, the best practices for the most cohesive experience you’ll ever experience. 

Concierge Support

Our support is open to answering your questions, feature requests, or even setting up products. Hit us up at support@woogostores.com for any queries or concerns.

Monitored Hosting Service

We take care of all the hardware required to run an e-store. That’s what you liked with Shopify? Great! You have it here too! A reliable, fast and dedicated hosting service to help scale your business.

Your business in the limelight

We manage and maintain your e-store so you could focus on your business. From backing up your store to email delivery, analytics and more, we aim to deliver optimum results. Worried about SEO? Don’t! You get the best SEO plugin in the business, Yoast SEO premium.

All about the premium WooCommerce experience 

The open-source WordPress plugin allows users to build upon the existing store or create new ones. Developers can jump in and create a completely custom solution if you need to. If you need something out of the box that works out of the box, we have good news for you! Setting up your store is simpler than you’d ever imagine. 

  • We support any business model – Recurring, Digital or Physical goods – everything
  • Availability of unlimited extensions
  • More than 1 million e-commerce sites use it
  • Easy customization
  • Supports different payment gateways 

Our Woocommerce Services

We bring to you our Premium Woocommerce Services for a hassle-free business. 

Store setup and Management

Have a private, secure, and well-performing e-store set up and managed by experts in the field. You can sell anything, and we will manage it for you. You have a question about what to do when a situation arises? We’re here to help.

Security and Maintenance

We backup, secure and manage all the backend required to run your e-store. Never miss a security update – we make sure you get those too.

Free Migration

Woogo Store allows easy migration from your existing WooCommerce site or Shopify store, and it’s free. Our experts make sure not to disturb the functionality of your store while migrating. 

Plugins or custom development, you got it.

You have a specific problem that WooCommerce doesn’t solve? Tell us, and we’ll find a plugin that works for you. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll get a quote for how much it would cost to make it custom. You can choose from a wide range of extensions for booking, payments, shipping etc.

Our Process

We become a part of your journey and partners in the success of your business. Our curated E-store services account for a thorough process.

  • We’re all ears about your requirements. Real humans that really care.
  • There is a lengthy questionnaire after you sign up to set up the store exactly to your specifications.
  • Our experts create the store and show you how to use it.
  • You’re on your way to growing your business instead of fighting technology!

It doesn’t end there. We work full time to assist your needs. Get started and build your way to a premium WooCommerce experience.

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