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Who is behind Woogo Stores?

Hi! I’m Patrick, founder of Woogo Stores! I’ve been coding websites in PHP for 20 years, professionally since 2009. I became Team Lead of the PHP development team at Equisoft here in Montréal (Oui, je parle français!). After delivering WordPress sites to big Canadian publishers, I joined FlagShip as the Director of Technology. I built the Web development team, coded the shipping system, and then became Vice-President to Howard’s Kruger, the owner, and president. Servicing small and medium business owners over the years, I realized that many wanted to bring their operations online. However, they’d frequently find it was either too complicated or too expensive, and they’d give up.

The problem with e-store offerings

I cannot tell you how many times we’ve seen companies having their e-store “just around the corner”…only to never make it. Conversely, we had many customers who had an e-store, but had tremendous difficulties integrating multiple services, had plugins that broke their site, crappy hosting companies making their store slow. Some other customers proved overwhelmed by all the options in a store and were using only a tenth of it. Finally, certain customers opt-ed for very basic e-stores like Wix but then suffered from the lack of extensibility and options.

Let’s face it, SMBs in the US, Canada, and worldwide represent the biggest driver for the economy. I think SMB’s are underserved in the e-commerce world. Yes, giants like Shopify and Squarespace solved the web hosting problem. However, you’re captured in their ecosystem. Not only is that not the Internet I believe in but no matter how hard they sell the aspect of “It’s easy to build an e-store”, it’s always more complicated than the original promise. When I created Woogo Stores, my goal was always to make sure that my customers wouldn’t be locked in an closed ecosystem, but also to provide a stellar, complete service, for people who are not DIYers.

Why are you doing this?

Woogo Stores’ mission is to offer the same level of connectedness to our customers as the big companies can afford. We understand SMBs can’t spend hundreds of thousands on building a super custom e-store. Our top of the line, top of tech solutions, enables SMBs to tap into the same potential. We’re proud to help our customers grow from a fairly limited digital presence to strong e-commerce success. 

I know working with WooCommerce and WordPress can be intimidating. When setting up an e-store, plugins can conflict with each other, which brings a lot of trouble. Some of us are great DIYers and have no qualms about tackling big home renovations. Most of us, however, would call a general contractor to handle it.

Our plan is to work together so that you can concentrate on building your business, not your e-store. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I have known Patrick Leblanc for the better part of 10 years now. I was introduced to him when he was a senior programmer at a large software company. A few years later Patrick was hired by my company as Director of Technology and later was promoted to Vice President before starting his company, Woogo Stores.
Patrick is a very serious, smart, and competent man. He is excellent at his craft and has an intelligent business mind. He will no doubt be successful as his company grows because he has the right mindset; that of going the extra mile and beyond for his clients.
My word of advice for any of his new clients that are in need of a turn-key solution for their e-commerce sales; put your trust in Patrick – you will indeed be pleased with your own successes.

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Patrick Leblanc

Patrick Leblanc

Twitter: @patsleb